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The Reception of Scripture and the Holy Fathers: Open Access Articles from De Gruyter

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Open Theology is an international Open Access, peer-reviewed academic journal from De Gruyter that features contributions written in English addressing religion in its various forms and aspects: historical, theological, sociological, psychological, etc. The journal encompasses all major disciplines of Theology and Religious Studies, presenting doctrine, history, organization, and the everyday life of various types of religious groups and the relations between them. Open Theology publishes articles in the areas of Theology, Philosophy, Sociology, the Psychology of Religion, and the dialogue between Religion and Science.

The most recent volume of Open Theology - volume 7.1 (2021) - features a thematic collection of articles on "The Reception of the Biblical and Patristic Heritage: Case Studies and Reflections on Theory and Method," edited by Miriam de Cock. Miriam de Cock is a postdoctoral fellow in Early Christianity and Theology at Aarhus University. The issue features contributions from Carl Vennerstrom, Martina Vercesi, Anna-Liisa Rafael, Sara Contini, Taylor Ross, Katarina Pålsson, Christian Thrue Djurslev, Carmen Cvetković, Maria Fallica, and Valeria Dessy.


Editor’s Introduction to the Topical Issue “Reception of the Biblical and Patristic Heritage: Case Studies and Reflections on Theory and Method”

Miriam De Cock Pages: 626-630

“To Those Who Have Ears to Hear:” Clement of Alexandria on the Parables of Jesus Carl Vennerstrom Pages: 354-367

Intimations of Revelation 19–21 in the Early North African Christian Communities Martina Vercesi Pages: 413-425

Origen and the Story of the Mother and Her Seven Sons: Reimagining Third-Century Caesarean Horizons Anna-Liisa Rafael Pages: 555-573

‘You Are Gods’ (Ps 81:6): Jerome and the Legacy of Origen’s Anthropology Sara Contini Pages: 224-237

Cultivation as Immanent Critique: Horticultural Metaphors in Gregory of Nyssa’s Reception of Origen and Basil Taylor Ross Pages: 388-400

Reception through Polemics: The Internalization of Theological Otherness in Jerome’s Heresiology Katarina Pålsson Pages: 574-589

Theodoret of Cyrus and His Exegetical Predecessors: A Study of His Biblical Commentary Prefaces Miriam De Cock Pages: 445-460

Hrabanus Maurus’ Post-Patristic Renovation of 1 Maccabees 1:1–8 Christian Thrue Djurslev Pages: 271-288

Conflict and Authority: William of Saint-Thierry and Peter Abelard as Readers of Origen Carmen Angela Cvetković Pages: 531-554

An Anglo-Syrian Monk: John Wesley's Reception of Pseudo-Macarius Maria Fallica Pages: 491-500

The Authority of the Bible and the Church Fathers in Adolf von Harnack’s Thought Valeria Dessy Pages: 317-330


The issue, like the journal more generally, is entirely open access and can be viewed by anyone without a subscription of any kind. Check it out by clicking the titles above, or click here.

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