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Papers to be Presented at the Colloquium on St Maximos the Confessor's Mystagogy (April 28-30, 2022)

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

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The Pappas Patristic Institute is pleased to announce that registration for the Colloquium on St Maximos the Confessor's Mystagogy will open in January. The papers to be presented are as follows:

Thursday, April 28, 2021 Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

The Body as Ritual Space:

St Maximos the Confessor’s Mystagogy and the Architecture of Deification

Fr Maximos Constas

Friday and Saturday, April 29 & 30, 2021 Sheraton Commander Hotel, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

The Mystagogy in a Theo-Aesthetic and Theo-Dramatic Perspective

Paul Blowers

Dionysios the Areopagite’s Ecclesiastical Hierarchy and the Mystagogy

Archbishop Alexander Golitzin

The Unifying Function of the Church in the Mystagogy

Jean-Claude Larchet

How Does God Interact with His Church?

Maximos the Confessor and Process Theology

Fr Nikolaos Loudovikos

The Mystagogy and the Life of the Trinity

Fr Andrew Louth

The Macarian Dimensions of the Mystagogy

Marcus Plested

The Inner Structure of the Mystagogy: Wheels within Wheels (Ezek 1:16)

Fr Michael Bakker

Christ and the Mystagogy

Fr Demetrios Bathrellos

The Mystagogy and Sacred Architecture

Jelena Bogdanović

Towards a New Liturgical Personalism: Maximos' Mystagogy and Neo-scholastic Reductionism in Contemporary Roman Catholicism

Thomas Cattoi

St Maximos the Confessor’s Mystagogy and the Moral Dimensions of Ecclesiology

Fr Demetrios Harper

Spatial Transformation and Adaptation: Church Architecture in Byzantine North Africa

Robin Jensen

The Experience of Mystery: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Mystagogy

Tamsin Jones

Jerusalem or Constantinople? The Liturgical Ordo of the Mystagogy

Fr Vitaly Permiakov


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